Revelation: Prince Harry’s Aviation Award Scandal Unveiled

Last week, it was revealed that Carl Larson, the photographer hired by Meghan, captured images of Prince Harry using the rear entrance for the Legends of Aviation awards show. Harry chose to arrive and depart through the back door, avoiding the red carpet, apparently to control the distribution of images that photographers and paparazzi could sell without his consent. Apparently their supposed friend, Kyle Larsen, was the only paparazzi at the back door who managed to snap a few photos of Harry looking somewhat uncomfortable.

It emerged that Meghan contacted the photographer to take these photos, even though she did not attend the event herself. This move gave him something to sell. Harry's expression in the photos suggests he is unhappy about being photographed by the paparazzi. Some people think he should practice this reaction during his arrangements with B Grid.

A source on Twitter has leaked a message allegedly sent by Meghan Markle's private paparazzi, Kyle Larson, to the Daily Mail to sell the photos. The text stated that photos of Harry at the Living Legends Aviation Awards could be used for a fee of $100 per photo, with unlimited use on social media platforms for a one-year license.

As expected, Larson sold the photos to the Daily Mail. The revelation raised questions about how Harry and Meghan's team, as well as Larson, appeared to know in advance when and where they would be, allowing the photographer to be strategically positioned. B Grid, a middleman in the process, buys the image, owns the copyright, and then sells it to media outlets.

In an intriguing turn of events, Carl Larson attempted a photography tour in August 2023, focusing on places Meghan spent time growing up. Larson, who had worked with Meghan Markle for public relations purposes, confirmed on his Instagram that he had been involved in the world of paparazzi. However, his role in Meghan's interactions with her father, Thomas Markle Senior, and his apparent knowledge of the dynamics of their relationship has raised suspicions. Some consider him a manipulative opportunist, accusing him of exploiting the situation for financial gain.

The narrative suggests that Meghan entrapped her father by involving Larson in arranging paparazzi photos, which ultimately led to her father not attending the event. Allegations of her father's manipulation, pressure on him and distress culminated in his absence from the planned event, revealing what some perceive as a questionable approach by Meghan and Larson.

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