Rachel McAdams says filming her scene in her new movie was unlike any she had shot with men

Rachel McAdams says filming her scene in her new movie was unlike any she’s done with men

Rachel Weisz has previously weighed in on the much-discussed “Disobedience” scene, calling it a seminal and empowering moment for the characters played by Rachel McAdams and herself, and now McAdams is sharing her thoughts on the scene that not everyone can relate to. stop talking.

The actress joined Weisz for a joint interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which she agreed that the sex scene plays a vital role in her character development. Esti de McAdams, an Orthodox Jew, was suppressed by her religion. The sex scene is the first great moment of freedom for the character.

“A lot of times you’re trying to decide if it’s free or not. But that scene was so integral to the plot and pushing the story forward,” McAdams said. “The characters need this version to open up. There was an energy to that scene that I haven’t felt in any other se** scene. [with men] in my career. There was camaraderie. We both felt safe and free. All those things you love about being a woman you can be with [in the scene].”

“Disobedience” director Sebastián Lelio scripted the entire sex scene so the actors knew exactly what it would look like and what would be shot would be included. The moment many viewers won’t forget is when Weisz spits in McAdams’ mouth, an action that made headlines after the film’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.

“I was thrilled that Sebastián was doing something new. It’s provocative and brings the audience into something intimate,” McAdams said of the moment. “The makeup department tested different flavors of lube the night before to use as a brooch. We went with the lychee scent!”

McAdams said the sex scene was filmed on a closed set. Although he was aware at first of everyone in the room “who’s dressed up, holding a pole, and munching on a trail mix or whatever”, it occurred to McAdams that the scene a**t was just another scene they had to film, one that should be as vulnerable as any scene filmed for the movie.

“Everyone was very calm and there was such warmth in the room. It was a wonderful day,” McAdams said. “[I] realized that I was doing a scene like any other scene. They should all make you feel vulnerable, some more than others, but they should all be risky. It became another day at work, that way.”

When asked if it was difficult to play a female character, McAdams said she never thought Esti was different from that perspective.

“I knew we were telling a female story and needed to focus on that, but beyond that, it’s just humans with humans,” McAdams said. “I didn’t think of it as gay versus straight, only in that there was an unfair oppression of their love and their sexuality…I don’t think I focused that much on that.”

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