Protect Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Kids from Inhumane Dad

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins shared a humorous anecdote about their unexpected meeting with Prince Harry during a recent interview on the Howard Stern Show. The incident took place in 2015, when Foo Fighters were finishing a European tour and Grohl, Nirvana’s former drummer, was recovering from a leg injury suffered during a stage performance. Prince Harry decided to visit the group backstage in London to check on Grohl’s well-being.

Grohl told the story, mentioning how Prince Harry brought him a device to hold his iPad to watch movies. “It was awesome, he was cool,” Grohl said, but then added that Prince Harry playfully punched Taylor Hawkins in the face. Hawkins admitted that it bothered him, saying, “Actually, it pissed me off.” He described how, despite telling the prince he was jet-lagged and tired, Prince Harry unexpectedly slapped him. Hawkins expressed frustration, calling the behavior unethical and entitled, and mentioned Prince Harry’s history of unconventional antics, such as throwing people into swimming pools.

Hawkins also speculated on Prince Harry’s potential future actions, hoping he might slap Meghan when she gets agitated. He criticized Harry for his lack of awareness, social boundaries, etiquette and social cues, stating that Harry thinks he is funny and cute but does not understand what is appropriate. Hawkins further mentioned incidents in which Harry allegedly hit children’s heads or pinched men’s butts.

The paragraph moves on to royal expert Angela Levin’s thoughts on Prince Harry’s potential reintegration into the royal family. Levin suggested that for this to happen, Prince Harry would have to demonstrate great humility. She stressed the importance of offering a sincere apology, saying that expressing regret for specific remarks would be crucial to gaining acceptance from King Charles and the royal establishment as a whole.

Levin stressed the need for Prince Harry to not only issue a substantive apology, but also demonstrate a willingness to compromise. She highlighted the challenges arising from Prince Harry’s reported unwillingness to compromise, particularly in his demands for an apology from King Charles and Prince William for incidents during his childhood. Levin cautioned against hasty attempts at reconciliation, emphasizing the importance of a patient and sustained approach for true healing and understanding in the context of deep-rooted family disagreements.


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