Prisoner’s Private Chat Reveals the Real Story Behind Meghan Markle’s Mother’s Jail Term

Various conspiracy theories have circulated about Doria’s absence during Meghan’s childhood. Some claim she was a drug addict who served time in prison and later became a volunteer social worker at a church. Although some posts suggest she held a social worker license, whether she was a certified social worker remains controversial.

Apparently, due to her criminal record, she couldn’t work for TOSA or as a flight attendant, as those roles require background checks. Recently, someone who shared a cell with Doria showed up for a talk show interview and provided the number and name of Doria’s California prison, Doria Ragland.

Additionally, records indicate that a woman named Doria Ragland was evicted from her home in 1997 and 2003, and another Doria Ragland was convicted of fraud in Riverside County Court in California under MS. -79453 TRAMS.

However, it is important to emphasize that this information is presented without any charges against Doria Ragland for legal reasons. Even though allegations have been made regarding his background, his criminal record, if any, is said to be made public in the United States. The absence of such documents has led to suspicions that the royal family may have tried to cover up Megan’s family history.

Additionally, a forthcoming book by Mr. Bauer claims that Megan’s mother was involved in drug use and dealing, which is believed to have been a factor in her split from Thomas Markle. Doria reportedly disappeared from Meghan’s life for a decade when Meghan was eight, only to reappear. The book suggests that Doria’s whereabouts during this time remain secret for legal reasons, although evidence of drug involvement is claimed.

Reflecting on recent news, Doria Ragland was pictured alongside Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian at a charity event for Vanity Fair. The event, organized by the Harry and Meghan Foundation, aimed to raise awareness for families separated on the US-Mexico border.

Even though the photograph appeared innocent, it prompted comments from Lady Colin Campbell, who questioned the optics of Doria standing between Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. She expressed concerns about how this situation might be perceived and concluded that the whole storyline seemed disreputable and questionable.

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