Princess Anne Admires Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Role

Princess Anne’s admiration for Prince Harry stems from their shared positions as ‘spare parts’ within the royal family, although she doesn’t necessarily agree with his actions.

As a loyal loyalist known for her unwavering devotion to her mother and the values ​​she embodied, Princess Anne’s potential dismay and even disgust at her nephew’s recent behavior towards the British monarchy can only be imagined. Throughout her life, Anne was dedicated to maintaining the conscientious and hardworking style of monarchy inherited from her parents, which emphasizes stoicism and devotion.

However, there may also be an empathetic response from Princess Anne towards Prince Harry. Like him, she was the second child, though being female meant she was never considered a “spare part” in the same way. Anne grew up with a rebellious streak, displaying a disdain for press attention. This shared experience of navigating the complexities of royal life as a second child may contribute to their connection.

An intriguing insight into Princess Anne’s perspective on royal life can be found in her decision to grant her beloved daughter, Zara, the freedom to lead her own life by denying a royal title for her. This contrasted with the path that Prince Harry’s own father, Prince Charles, had to take. It seems Princess Anne willingly embraced a narrative of personal choice and independence for her children, which Prince Harry then fought for in his own way.

Observing their body language, there are indications of a warm and indulgent aunt-nephew relationship between Princess Anne and Prince Harry. While she may not fully approve of his tactics, Princess Anne could still find admiration and understanding for his overarching goals by seeking a different path outside the royal fold.

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