Prince Harry’s Pain Falls on Deaf Ears as Hearts Turn to Stone

According to Victoria Richards, editor of The Independent, the world has become numb to Prince Harry’s struggles. Richards thinks the world has “turned its heart to stone” when it comes to Prince Harry and his personal experiences.

Richards expresses deep empathy for Prince Harry, especially during the coronation of King Charles. She describes Prince Harry as a lone figure walking down the aisle alone, taking brave steps to sit down with friends and relatives after months of acrimony.

Richards argues that if anyone’s heart didn’t hurt seeing Prince Harry in that moment, then it must be made of stone.

Despite Prince Harry’s controversial actions in recent years, including his tell-all memoir, Netflix’s tell-all documentary and inner circle revelations that have rocked the royal family, Richards focuses on the pain and discomfort the prince Harry must have felt then.

She imagines he must have gritted his teeth doing it on his own without the comfort of his wife, Meghan Markle.

In summary, Richards thinks the world needs to show more compassion for Prince Harry and not forget that he is a human being with emotions and struggles.


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