Prince Harry’s Heartfelt Speech Leaves Princess Kate in Tears: A Sorrowful Moment Revealed

In an emotional moment, Princess Kate found herself overcome with tears after Prince Harry’s heartfelt speech. The occasion was none other than Prince William and Kate’s wedding, where Harry’s words resonated deeply with the new bride. According to a royal biographer, Princess Kate gave an equally emotional speech that brought her to tears, marking her official entry into the royal family. After the grand ceremony on April 29, 2011, in which Kate and Prince William exchanged vows at Westminster, they were celebrated by a jubilant crowd, a testament to the grandeur and ceremonial of royal events.

However, it was Harry’s speech, as recorded in the book “Harry: Life, Loss, and Love”, that broke the formality with its warmth, humor and touching sentiments, leaving a notable impression on Kate. Despite the widely held belief that Prince Harry was the best man, the Duchess of Sussex clarified in her autobiography that she had simply played a ceremonial role as best man, constrained by public and palace expectations. Instead, Prince William chose his dear friends James and Thomas as his witnesses.

In a nostalgic nod to her own past, the Princess of Wales posted a photo from her childhood ahead of the annual Royal Christmas Carol service. The 1983 photo shows two-year-old Kate at a festive table, announcing the recent ‘Christmas Together’ event she organized at Westminster Abbey. The special event, attended by family and members of the monarchy, was to honor those who support children and families and will be featured in the ‘Royal Carols: Together at Christmas’ special on ITV on Christmas Eve.


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