Prince Harry’s Free Book Giveaway Amid SoHo House Damage Allegations

Prince Harry is now carrying around copies of his explosive memoir which left the world in shock. He gave a flight attendant a book as a surprise gift on a flight from London to the United States.

Tick ​​tocker and flight attendant Holden Patton shared a photo of a beaming Prince Harry on an American Airlines plane, revealing he had received a copy of the Duke’s book, which was published in January.

Mr Patton, a pilot and travel influencer, said: ‘I just found this in my luggage which a passenger gave me’, referring to Prince Harry as the ‘passenger prince’ in the photo with the cabin crew member. Prince Harry was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and jeans, a far cry from his neatly tailored suits for his court appearances.

However, it appeared disheveled, possibly suggesting the influence of alcohol and cigarettes. Rumors circulated on Twitter that Prince Harry had not stayed at Frogmore Cottage and caused damage to Primus Soho House. It was reported that he had racked up a large bill, not only for alcohol and food, but also due to the impressive damage done to the room he was staying in.

Harry’s memoir became an instant bestseller, shocking the world with its many revelations, including an alleged falling out with his brother Prince William, confessions about losing his virginity and claims of personal struggles. The book is believed to have driven the wedge between Harry and his royal parents, with his father, King Charles, particularly enraged by the depiction of the Queen consort, Camilla, including claims that she sacrificed him at an altar personal public relations.

Allegations against Camilla reportedly played a role in Harry and Meghan Markle’s eviction from their royal residence, Frogmore Cottage, in February. Royal author Angela Levin, who has written a biography on Harry, expressed concern when she saw the Duke unprepared for cross-examination, lacking specific details and relying solely on his emotions.

She said whatever the outcome of the case is just the beginning for Harry, as he is also suing the publishers of the Daily Mail, Sunday Mail and Sun. The publishers deny the allegations and are seeking to have them thrown out before going to trial.

Amid the court drama, there is speculation of a bigger storm brewing for Harry. Angela Levin and royal family expert Lady Colin Campbell believe Harry and Meghan’s union may be about to end. Harry’s decision to appear in court alone without Meghan by his side is seen as proof that their home life has fallen apart. Lady Colin Campbell claims Harry has contacted his lawyers to take further action, citing problems in their marriage.

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