Prince Harry’s Concern Grows as King Charles Collapses and Hospitalized Just Days Before His Return to the UK

Prince Harry finds himself in a more precarious situation than he imagined as a trial over his US visa application unfolds. A royal expert has issued a warning over the Duke of Sussex’s plight. Following his move to the United States with Meghan Markle in 2020, Harry’s visa application is currently being reviewed by a judge who is reviewing its validity.

The development comes after Harry openly admitted to drug use in his memoir, “Spare,” published in January 2023. Last year, the Washington-based Heritage Foundation requested access to the visa application for ‘Harry, and these documents have now been presented to Judge Carl Nichols.

If it is determined that Harry provided false information on his application, it is possible that his visa could be revoked, putting his future in the United States at stake. Royal commentators are now suggesting that these revelations could pose even greater challenges for the Duke than initially expected.

According to The Mirror, talkTV royal expert Michael Cole voiced his concerns during a chat with Kevin O and Alex Phillips, saying: “I think he’s in a worse situation than he probably realizes .” Meanwhile, royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths thinks Harry is no doubt eager to find out the outcome of the exam. She said she was surprised that the Heritage Foundation’s request had made so much noise.

Speaking to GB News, Griffiths shared: “I’m really surprised we got here because this seems to have been going on for months and months. At first it seemed like a set-up by the Heritage Foundation. They responded to a request for freedom of request for information, and we wondered if this would really lead to anything. But this moment is really important because it actually led to something, and it’s actually happening now.

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