Prince Harry’s Battle with ‘Second Child Syndrome: says expert

Prince Harry ‘blames others’ for ‘missed childhood’ due to ‘second child syndrome’

Prince Harry developed a serious mental condition after his mother’s death, expert says

Prince Harry is upset to live under Prince William’s shadow, expert says.

Behavioral expert Abdullah Boulad reveals how the Duke of Sussex suffers from ‘second child syndrome’ following the death of Princess Diana.

“In the long term, Harry can focus for the rest of his life on blaming others for his failed childhood and the circumstances of his life. Alternatively, he can begin to accept and focus on what he can influence for him. -even and Meghan.

“All of this is due to the death of his mother in childhood, the stress of royal duties without being able to lead a normal life, the absence of real mother or family figures and the absence of any real ability to make his own choices. about his life. Everything in his life must have revolved around or for others,” he notes.

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