Prince Harry was happy Meghan Markle did not know about ‘royal literature’

Prince Harry explains that Meghan Markle was unaware of the royal family. Prince Harry claims Meghan Markle was naïve to royal family traditions when they were still dating. The Duke of Sussex writes in his memoir ‘Spare’ about how his beloved asked him all sorts of questions about her life, as if unaware of the headlines in the newspapers.

He writes: “I was pretty sure she hadn’t googled me because she was always asking questions. She seemed to know nothing, so refreshing. It showed that she was unimpressed with royalty, which I thought was the first step to surviving it.

He continues, “Also, since she hadn’t delved deep into literature, public records, her head wasn’t filled with misinformation.” Prince Harry and Meghan ended up getting married in 2018, a year after announcing their engagement.

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