Prince Harry Undermining His Unique Selling Point, Being Called a Has-Been

According to royal commentator and expert Sarah Vine, Prince Harry made a grave mistake by “deliberately detaching himself” from the British monarchy with such “contempt”, which led him to “fatally undermine his USP” (argument from single sale).

Vine believes that while people may be interested in learning more about her negative experiences, continuing to share them will only further alienate her from the royal family and diminish her star power.

Vine points out that Prince Harry seems to have forgotten that his initial fame was his association with the British monarchy.

By cutting ties with the institution in such a negative way, he essentially destroyed what made him famous in the first place.

Vine concludes by noting that Prince Harry’s once carefree, carefree image has been replaced with that of a bitter, snappy “Haz-been.”

She suggests that by failing to recognize the importance of his connection to the British monarchy, he essentially shot himself in the foot and caused people to question his intelligence.

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