Prince Harry Stunned by King’s Response to Harassment Claims After Numerous Pleas

Prince Harry is deeply shocked by King Charles’ warning email response after firing millions of requests. Despite Harry Cole sending countless emails, the palace remained silent. Prince Harry appears to have reached his breaking point, and this recent call to King Charles could mark a pivotal moment in Megan’s carefully crafted narrative. In an unexpected turn of events, it was revealed that Harry had desperately called his father, King Charles, after learning that he and Megan had to leave Frogmore, their home gifted by the late Queen, which symbolized royal pride.

According to royal sources, Harry is deeply saddened by the banishment and has pleaded with his father. However, Scobby reveals that every request fell on deaf ears. Despite Harry’s numerous calls and emails, most went unanswered and the couple no longer have a direct line to King Charles.

As a result, Harry had to request a hearing, and until 2023, his requests were rejected. No meeting took place and the couple were not even invited back into the royal group. They may be lucky enough to attend the funeral, but the recent messages make little sense because there is no communication. Megan wants to maintain the appearance of staying in touch, whether or not Prince Harry wants people to think about King Charles’ actions, including canceling their stay at Frogmore, not inviting them for a birthday or Christmas .

The lack of communication speaks volumes, and it is suggested that Prince William and Princess Catherine have sent a clear message to Harry and Meghan that they are not welcome in the UK. Despite rumors that Harry wants to return after three years in exile in the United States, the royal family has shown solidarity over Christmas, with the expert noting that everyone is welcome except Harry and Meghan. The expert adds that the couple’s appearances have shown that they can’t stand up to Kate and William, and that people are fed up with their constant complaints. The view is that occasional appearances at charity events or being seen at concerts and baseball games are not enough for audiences.


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