Prince Harry says this memory with Princess Diana makes him ‘love her even more’

Prince Harry talks about fond memories spent with Princess Diana. Prince Harry recalls one of his fondest memories of Princess Diana at the time.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex notes how he remembers his mum putting sweets in his socks as he left for school.

He writes: “I remember one day in Ludgrove, mum stuffing candy into my sock. Outside candy was forbidden, so mum was flouting the school rules, laughing as she did, which made me laugh. made her love him even more.”

Harry added: “I remember we both laughed as we buried the sweets in the bottom of the sock, and me shouting, ‘Oh mum, you’re so mean! I remembered the brand of those sweets. Fruits of opal! Hard squares of bright colors…much like those resurrected memories. No wonder I loved Grub Days so much. And Opal Fruits.

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