Prince Harry Refuses to Leave Meghan for Royal Family

During his ongoing legal battle against the British tabloids, Prince Harry has strongly refuted claims by former royal aides about his relationship with Meghan Markle.

Despite various speculations and predictions made by royal experts, insiders and even fortune tellers, suggesting that Harry may soon return to the UK for good, the Duke of Sussex has remained true to his commitment to his marriage.

One such prediction came from Grant Harrold, a former butler to King Charles III, who recently predicted Harry’s imminent return to his home country.

Similarly, Paul Burrell, a former aide to Princess Diana, agreed with Harrold’s statement, saying King Charles and Prince William would warmly welcome Harry into the royal fold, while also claiming to perceive cracks in the Harry and Meghan’s marital foundation.

However, Harry seemed determined to dispel rumors of any alleged rift with Meghan during his recent London court appearance, where he gave evidence in a phone hacking case against a newspaper publisher.

In his witness statement, as reported by the BBC, the Duke of Sussex claimed he was taking legal action to address the hateful treatment towards him and his wife. Legal experts have also noted that Harry would not have spoken out for his wife in court if their marriage was under significant strain.

Additionally, there have been reports suggesting that Harry launched the legal battle against the media at the behest of his wife, indicating his undying love for the mother of his children and his firm resolve to stand by her side, giving prioritize their relationship over any potential conflict. with his royal family.

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