Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Banned from New Royal Documentary

Reports have emerged that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Sussexes, have not been included in an upcoming royal documentary planned to celebrate King Charles III. According to sources, their absence from this documentary is attributed to various past actions and business decisions made by the couple.

The Palace had apparently planned this documentary as a tribute to King Charles following the first anniversary of the late Queen’s death. A source shared his views with Bella magazine about the documentary, stating that the palace aimed to create a special program honoring the new king. This program was intended to feature key members of the royal family expressing their love and admiration for King Charles, highlighting his significant contributions.

However, it is evident that the proposed documentary is highly anticipated and sought after, with both the BBC and ITV expressing interest in broadcasting it. Despite this, there appears to be a strict ban on mentioning Harry and Meghan in connection with this documentary. In the Palace’s view, the Sussexes are not part of the narrative due to their past controversies and significant changes in their royal status.

The source explained that there is little to document about Harry and Meghan in this context, as they were notably absent from important events like the cathedral’s funeral and coronation ceremonies, which will also not feature in the documentary. The main focus will be on the senior members of the royal family, those who still hold the title “Royal”, and Harry and Meghan no longer have that status.

The late Queen Elizabeth II initially had high hopes for Catherine and Meghan Markle when they married her grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry. She saw them as potential leaders of the future of the monarchy, hoping that they would take responsibility and support the royal institution.

However, as the dynamic within the “Fab Four” began to change, Harry found himself increasingly isolated during recent public engagements. Her position in the royal family changed dramatically after the death of her grandmother and her father’s accession to the throne. The royal expert noted that while he wasn’t completely excluded, Harry was no longer in the forefront and found himself on the periphery.

Queen Elizabeth has often looked to Harry for a touch of modernity or humor, particularly when speaking to younger generations. His preference was for young, cheerful company, and Harry’s carefree spirit seemed to match his preferences. He was considered one of her favorite grandchildren because of his down-to-earth nature and laid-back attitude.

However, Meghan’s arrival in 2016 further changed the dynamic. Despite initial efforts to integrate it into the royal fold, challenges persisted. Nonetheless, Harry and Meghan continued to interact warmly with the public during their official royal duties.

Their approach differed from that of Prince William and Kate, who are known for their professionalism and polished demeanor. The Prince and Princess of Wales embodied what the late monarch valued in devoted royals.

Ultimately, Harry and Meghan chose a different path, similar to that of Edward and Wallace, deviating from the traditional role expected of them within the royal family. »

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