Prince Harry Feels More Connected to a Fox Than the Windsors in Castle

Prince Harry recently revealed that he felt a deep connection with a fox during his time at Eton School. He recounted how, while under the influence of marijuana, he encountered a wandering fox.

Harry froze as the fox stared at him under an orange lamppost. He then leaned out the window to take a closer look and whispered to the fox, feeling a powerful kinship with him.

In his own words, Harry said: “Maybe it was the weed – no doubt it was the weed – but I felt a piercing and powerful kinship with that fox.”

He goes on to admit that he felt more connected to the Fox than to the Bathroom Boys, the other Eton Boys or even the Windsors of the Far Castle.

Harry described the fox as a messenger sent from another realm or possibly from the future. This experience left a lasting impact on him and helped him develop a deeper spiritual connection with nature.

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