Prince Harry displays empathy towards his father

Harry expresses empathy for King as he discusses Diana’s death in his final interview

In his ITV interview with Tom Bradby, Prince Harry explained how his father shared with him the news of his mother’s tragic death.

Commenting on Harry’s interview, senior reporter Chris Ship said: ‘No one can argue with Harry about the heinous behavior of the paparazzi who photographed his dying mother in the car in that Parisian tunnel. But he says he saw the photos of’ the back of her blond hair sagging on the back of the seat.

He said it was “Very moving as Harry describes how Charles, in his dressing gown, had to sit on Harry’s bed and softly tell him what had happened to Princess Diana.”

The reporter said: “Harry still has the empathy to feel for his father, pacing for hours, finding the courage to tell his sons the news.”

Prince Harry said King Charles was not the best of parents. He said “Dad always looked like he wasn’t quite ready for parenthood…but single parenthood? Dad was never cut out for it. To be fair, he tried.”

Harry said he wasn’t “scathing” about Camilla when asked how he was “sacrificed on his PR altar”.


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