Prince Harry Branded ‘Preposterous’ for His Nonsense

Experts dismiss Prince Harry’s arguments and claims as weak and flawed. Famous royal commentator Stephen Glover has slammed Prince Harry’s attitude, saying he was wrong on several fronts and his arguments lacked strength and consistency.

The charges come in response to Prince Harry’s recent statement to the court in which he called the country a “low bottom” due to global judgments about the state of the press and government. Glover strongly disagrees with Prince Harry’s point of view, seeing it as nonsense.

Glover pointed out that the idea of ​​Rishi Sunak and the ministers not being scrutinized or held accountable is absurd.

He pointed out that they are under constant scrutiny, with the government and the press being separate entities that operate independently. Glover questioned the lack of evidence to support Prince Harry’s claim that the government and the press are in cahoots.

Moreover, Glover suggested that a stronger argument could be made than the weak arguments made by Prince Harry. He said the country’s media sometimes tends to berate politicians in power too quickly, showing their natural oppositional stance. However, it is simply a characteristic of journalism.

In summary, pundits and commentator Stephen Glover called Prince Harry’s arguments weak, misguided and absurd, challenging his views on the press, government and accountability.

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