Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Excited as They Finally Renew Deal with Netflix

Meghan Markle's recent return to Instagram has set tongues wagging, hinting at a significant development in her and Prince Harry's partnership with Netflix. Meghan's return to the social media sphere coincided with the launch of her food and lifestyle brand, sparking speculation among royal watchers that a new deal with Netflix was on the horizon. In September 2020, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex signed a groundbreaking $100 million, 5-year deal with the streaming giant, promising a series of documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows and programs for children. However, their production has so far been limited to a single documentary series.

Renowned royal expert Richard Fitz Williams shared with the Daily Express his belief that Meghan's Instagram activity signals an imminent renewal of their Netflix deal. He stressed the importance of this rapprochement for the couple's future, especially given their current contract is set to expire next year, an aspect overlooked on their new website.

The stakes are high for Harry and Meghan, as they race against time to secure their place in the media landscape after stepping down from senior royal duties. With expenses and pressures mounting, the couple find themselves scrambling to deliver compelling content to Netflix, in an effort to impress and maintain their lucrative partnership. The potential renewal of Meghan and Harry's deal with Netflix looms, providing a crucial opportunity for the couple to solidify their presence in the entertainment industry while navigating the complexities of post-royal life.


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