Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Caught in Christmas Quarrel After Being Banished from Royal Celebrations by King Charles

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to spend their Christmas in California, far from the royal festivities at Sandringham. Sources suggest their day was filled with cooking, games and exchanging gifts at their Montecito mansion, surrounded by Meghan’s mother and friends, creating a cozy family affair. However, here’s the twist: This was the second year in a row that they were absent from the royal Christmas celebrations. On Christmas Eve, the King, Queen and extended royal family, all dressed in their festive attire, attended the service at St Mary Magdalene Church.

Young royals including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis joined the festivities, mingling with well-wishers outside the church. It was a scene of traditional holiday cheer, but it was noticeably missing the presence of the Sussexes. Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Harry and Meghan’s conspicuous absence from the Royal Christmas. Rumors had circulated that they might decline an invitation, but it appears no invitation was extended in the first place. This raises the question of whether King Charles intentionally chose to exclude the self-exiled Duke and Duchess from future royal Christmases. The plot thickens.

Royal insiders have hinted that the king could extend a New Year’s invitation to Scotland, but this remains uncertain. Meanwhile, as the Sandringham royal family enjoyed the festive season, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis stole the show, presenting a united front. Even the disgraced Duke of York, Andrew, walked with the family, raising his eyebrows and adding another layer to this royal spectacle.

But what about Harry and Meghan? Not a glimpse, not a whisper. Instead, they released a family Christmas card, a digital greeting showing them cheering at the Invictus Games – a far cry from the family cards of the past. It seems the Sussexes are determined to project an image of independence.

The king’s decision to exclude them from the royal Christmas is obvious, and it seems Harry and Meghan are fighting, not against the royal family, but against each other. Reports suggest they were caught in a heated argument at their California mansion. The spotlight-hungry duo, who have often portrayed themselves as victims of the royal family, are now facing the consequences of their decisions.

It’s a shocking revelation: the once perfect couple, now caught in a heated argument, far from the Royal Christmas spotlight they once reveled in. As we conclude this Royal Christmas saga, one thing is abundantly clear: Harry and Meg’s apparent storyline. against the royal family seems to have backfired. King Charles, in his subtle banishment, made it clear that there was no longer any place for selfish traitors in the royal family. The Duke and Duchess, once darlings of the monarchy, now find themselves on the periphery, grappling with the consequences of their choices.

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