Penguin Random House and Spotify Join Forces to Boycott Harry and Meghan Amid Crisis

According to a royal source, Penguin Random House is now close to getting rid of Harry and Megan after Spotify dropped them. Spotify did well to cancel the deal. They ‘marked’ the Sussexes before they could be ‘marked’ themselves.

Brittany from the Royal News Network said in a video that Michael added nothing new to the conversation on topics that hold women back. It was simply about settling scores with the British royal family rather than tackling the stereotypes that held women back (although there are stereotypes, not archetypes). She only used this name because it was on the mark with the name Archbold.

Spotify doesn’t care if Megan’s podcast did well when it launched. Given the first abandoned podcast, the special beginnings of the holidays behind the sounds of whales, they would have been watching the situation closely. Once for a failed podcast is bad enough, but a repeat performance for the podcast series (13 episodes in two and a half years) to have the Spotify deal is terrible.

Joe Rogan, of which Spotify is the biggest creator, releases episodes almost daily and almost always takes the top spot. Megan couldn’t even pull it off once. Doesn’t count because Spotify inflated the numbers to make it look like it overtook the Joe Rogan experience. Other companies will think twice before hiring them for brand deals.

Recently, Harry confessed that his autobiography contradicts a revelation and has a witness statement in the phone hacking trial against Mirror Group Newspapers. As a result, the CEO of Penguin Random House is said to be unhappy with them after it was confirmed that Spotify had dumped Harry and Megan. Royal experts have spoken about the troubling future the couple could face.

Biographer Angela Levin told a news outlet that the Sussexes’ worth isn’t as high as it once was, and she predicted their future projects would be a disaster following Spotify’s decision not to renew the Megan’s “archetypes” podcast. It is an important crossroads for Harry and Megan.

OUCH! Angela also tweeted after hearing about Spotify’s split with the couple. PR guru Mark Bukowski said it was very bad news for Megan and Harry’s brand and a sign that their star was truly falling. He estimated that failure could cost them up to 10 million. He said that they didn’t get the right quality of the product and the “GUI” front of the new reality faded.

Air is coming out of their much-hyped balloon, and these little things are starting to erode that juggernaut of hype they delivered when they parted ways with the royal family. If no one cares what they have to say about sanity or the Royal Family, then the star really falls. It’s not a good day for Megan and Harry’s long-term brand, he added.

Mr Bukowski said he believes they could lose up to 40% of the $25 million Spotify deal after it ends, which would amount to around $10 million. News of the disbanded partnership caused an outpouring of mixed feelings from users online. Some saw it as a predictable consequence given the couple’s perceived lack of productivity. Various users were quick to express their joy over the termination of the deal.

“They were fired! exclaimed one user, while another remarked, “He pocketed $20 million and did next to nothing in return.” A number of Twitter users commented on the podcast’s quality, suggesting it was self-serving and lackluster. Some went further and made connections between the couple’s sense of entitlement and the podcast’s failure. “You always have to bring real talent as well. This couple is very high on the incumbent list, not the talent list,” one user commented.

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