Patrick J. Adams Suggests Meghan Markle’s Removal in Suits Reboot as Creator Fired Her Amid Bullying Allegations

Is Meghan Markle Returning in a Suits Reboot? Patrick J. Adams gives clues on social media. Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle’s former co-star on the hit series Suits, has sparked speculation about the show’s return with his recent social media activity. The Canadian actor took to Instagram, sharing monochrome photos of the entire Suits cast, including Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres and Max Toplan.

Adams opened with a black-and-white portrait of himself, accompanied by the caption “Let’s be serious.” The cryptic post had followers wondering about the beloved series’ potential return, with one fan asking: “Is Mike Ross coming back?” and another expressing optimism with: “Keep my hopes high.”

While fans dissected his first post, Adams left another from the series, featuring Sarah Rafferty, who captivated audiences with her portrayal of Donna, and Meghan Markle, known for her role as Rachel Zane. The image was accompanied by the caption “I miss my friends,” further fueling speculation that a Suits revival could be in the works. Comments poured in, with many suggesting that Suits season 10 could be on the horizon. One fan wrote, “Don’t get our hopes up, but Suits is coming back after The Office announced it seems like a legit possibility,” while another eagerly asked, “Are we talking about a reboot ?”

Oddly enough, some fans pointed out that Adams seemed to be manifesting this possibility, perhaps learning a little about manifestation from her friend Meghan, who is known for her manifestation skills. Speculation even arose that Adams may have been paid to post these photos.

This renewed interest in Suits comes as the legal drama, which concluded four years ago on USA Network, continues to break records on Netflix. Since its debut on the streaming platform, it has become Netflix’s most-watched acquired series in a single week of measurement. Reports suggest Meghan may have played a role in persuading Netflix to increase the show’s viewership, underscoring her ability to influence.

Sources close to Meghan revealed that, encouraged by the positive reception to reruns of the series and the demand for her on-screen presence, she was seriously considering a return to acting. Her husband, Harry, would fully support this career move.

However, while Meghan’s enthusiasm for a return is evident, the Suits creators took a different stance. Executive producer Gene Klein stressed that the show’s recent success cannot be attributed solely to Meghan. Instead, he and the team are focused on making the show rewatchable and its unique viewer experience. While they respectfully acknowledge Meghan’s current royal role, the decision to move forward without her in the upcoming season signifies a clear path forward for the show’s legacy.

Director Aaron Kosh’s decision to remove Meghan Markle from Suits stems from allegations of bullying behavior and unprofessional conduct, including verbal attacks on the film crew. Despite some suggestions that Meghan’s departure was influenced by the royal family, Aaron clarified that it was mainly due to these behavioral issues.

Additionally, an upcoming book by respected London Times correspondent Valentin Lowe, titled “Brokers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown,” sheds light on further allegations of bullying behavior on Meghan’s part. The book reveals instances where Meghan allegedly left staff members in tears and fearful of her outbursts, providing a behind-the-scenes perspective on her time within the royal fold.

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