Nuala McGovern Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Salary, Net Worth BBC

Biography of Nuala McGovern

Nuala McGovern is a BBC World News journalist and television presenter from Ireland. Previously, she was the lead presenter for Outside Source on the BBC World Service from 2014 to January 2022.

Nuala McGovern Age

Nuala McGovern was born in Dublin, Ireland. However, she has kept her exact date and year of birth out of the public eye. He may be about 52 years old.

Height of Nuala McGovern

Nuala’s height is 5 ft 7 in/1.7m tall.

Nuala McGovern Family

Nuala is from Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland. She was raised in an Irish family by a publican father and her sister. In addition, her sister applied for a green card on her behalf, resulting in her moving to the United States. Nuala and her family spent their holidays and weekends in Wicklow because they had a house there.

Spouse Nuala McGovern

Nuala is married to Tristan Agates. Her husband works in banking. Additionally, prior to the Covid-19 restrictions, the couple had flown to Ireland to visit family. However, when Nuala developed a cough, she was advised to self-isolate rather than return to London.

Besides, she and her husband have not revealed whether or not they have children from their marriage.

Nuala McGovern Education

Nuala received her BA in English and Italian from University College Dublin.

Salary Nuala McGovern

Nuala has an annual salary of $98,700.

Nuala McGovern Net Worth

Nuala’s approximate net worth is $1.5 million.

Nuala McGovern Career

From January 2022, Nuala works as a TV presenter for BBC World News. She was the lead presenter of Outside Source on the BBC World Service before joining World News.

She previously worked for WNYC after working as a producer and host on Adrian Flannelly’s New York radio show. Nuala worked as an English teacher in Italy before moving to the United States.

In addition, she has worked as a cocktail waitress, ice cream waitress, and bag seller. She also worked in her father’s pub in Dublin, which she believes was a good basis for a career in journalism because of the people, breaking news and stories.

She joined the BBC World Service in 2009 as presenter and producer of World: Have Your Say. During her time at the BBC, Nuala also co-founded Newsday, the World Service’s breakfast show. She later took over as lead presenter of Outside Source on the BBC World Service.

He covered the migration crisis for the BBC, putting people at the center of the story, as well as the French election, Brexit and the Turkish referendum. In addition, he was chosen to present the BBC’s special coverage of the 1916 Easter celebrations from Dublin, Ireland.

She has also performed to large live audiences in Lagos, Nigeria, Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe during her time on TV.

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