Northwestern University Claims Meghan Markle Faked Double Major and Graduation Gown

Speculation and questions are swirling around Meghan Markle’s academic journey at Northwestern University, with shocking claims suggesting she could have faked a double major and her graduation outfit.

After graduating from high school in Los Angeles, Meghan enrolled at Northwestern University in Illinois in 1999. Reports say she earned a bachelor’s degree in international studies and drama, although doubts remain about find out if she really got a double major.

A Reddit user contacted Northwestern University and was told they didn’t offer a double major in theater and foreign studies, raising suspicions over Meghan’s academic claims.

Royal fans are wary of Meghan’s college graduation due to inconsistencies in the evidence. Although his name appears in the 2003 commencement program, some argue that being listed does not necessarily confirm graduation. In the United States, participating in the launch event and appearing in the program does not equate to officially receiving a degree, which only occurs after meeting the academic requirements.

The scrutiny intensified as a YouTube video alleged Northwestern University recently made statements suggesting Meghan never graduated and potentially faked having a double major. Although Meghan suggests she has a legitimate degree, the university has not provided definitive details of her education.

Emphasis has been placed on Meghan’s claimed dual degree from Northwestern, which has not been corroborated by the university or verified by any official source. Notably, Megan’s alleged college of graduation remains unnamed in her public statements.

Adding to the controversy, Meghan’s graduation photo arouses suspicion. Northwestern University’s official graduation attire includes a purple goalie gown with the university’s crest and specific tassel placement, while Meghan’s photo displays a different-looking black cape without a crest and tassels. poorly positioned tassels. This discrepancy has led some to question the authenticity of Meghan’s claimed graduation.

Other allegations have emerged, including rumors that Meghan was expelled from Northwestern University for an incident involving a sorority sister’s super eye-sticking during a hazing event. Reports suggest Meghan’s uncle had to settle the matter financially to keep quiet.

In light of these controversial claims, doubts persist about Meghan Markle’s academic achievements and her time at Northwestern University.

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