No School for Non-Existent Child

Following the revelation of an alleged lie about her and Archie’s existence in David Beckham’s latest film, Meghan Markle finds herself in a delicate situation. The documentary about the Beckhams, aptly named “The Beckhams,” drew larger crowds and garnered more positive reviews than the Sussexes’ more recent works.

This brand new series explores the rise to fame of David and Victoria Beckham, following Victoria’s time as a member of the legendary Spice Girls and David’s successful football career at Manchester United. Over the years, the Beckhams’ relationship with the media and themselves has been far from easy. Victoria even spoke about the tensions in their relationship during David’s time in Spain and his association with Rebecca Loos in 2004, a period which almost led to a breakup.

David Beckham’s documentary received numerous accolades, which apparently discouraged Meghan Markle. In comparison, many critics say the Sussexes have little to offer beyond their ongoing feud with the royal family. Their appeal rests primarily on their complaints about the royal family and the occasional disclosure of intriguing details about the British monarchy.

Meghan now fears that Netflix will take note of the success of Beckham’s documentary, potentially overshadowing the Sussexes’ offers. Netflix may have alternative projects in mind, and while Harry was set to film a documentary about Africa for the streaming giant, that project has yet to come to fruition.

What’s really striking is that the Beckham documentary revealed a curious connection between Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham. It seems Meghan was deeply fascinated by Victoria’s life. In particular, Meghan reportedly borrowed stories from the Beckhams regarding Archie’s interactions with pets outside of school in the UK.

This seemingly innocuous anecdote highlights Meghan’s fixation with Victoria Beckham’s life. Meghan previously claimed that press intrusion prevented her from accompanying Archie to school. However, it turns out that this narrative originally emanated from David and Victoria Beckham themselves.

In the documentary, they detail the daily violations of their and their children’s privacy while living in Spain, incidents which were even broadcast live on Spanish television. Meghan and Harry were friends with the Beckhams during this time, so they were undoubtedly aware of the story.

Subsequently, Meghan embraced this story, alleging that the press would follow Archie to school and that when they took Brooklyn to school in Spain, they were often faced with 10 to 15 paparazzi. She claimed the press would respect campus boundaries if they dropped Archie off at school in England.

However, Meghan appeared to overlook the changing dynamics of paparazzi culture from 2003 to 2023. In this new light, it appears Archie could have safely attended school in England without such concerns. This revelation implies that Meghan may have appropriated David and Victoria Beckham’s story.

This incident highlights Meghan’s obsession and raises questions about the authenticity of some of her statements, as the facts appear to tell a different story. In a world where authenticity matters, it is important to distinguish between legitimate concerns and those that may have been, at least in part, borrowed from others. Meghan’s penchant for self-congratulation is also on display, making her the most confident among the Sussexes.


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