No Chance! Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Christmas Appearance Demand Rejected by KC: RF Doesn’t Need You!

Reports suggest Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not be welcome at the Royals’ Christmas gathering at Sandringham, according to insiders. Earlier it was reported that the Sussexes would not turn down an invitation to join King Charles and the rest of the family over the festive period. Initially, the Sussexes’ spokesperson said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would accept an invitation to spend Christmas with King Charles and the royal family at Sandringham. They even discussed the possibility of requiring enhanced security to achieve this. Additionally, it has been suggested that they would be open to an invitation to Balmoral in Scotland over the summer.

However, a recent statement in the Sunday Times, made by friends of the Sussexes, indicated their willingness to change the situation and happily accept an invitation. This prompted one source to suggest they are doubling down on their reconciliation strategy, saying: “It seems like they are actually doubling down on their reconciliation strategy. I can’t imagine the Sussexes would turn down an invitation to spend time with his son. Majesty.”

So far, there have been no holiday invitations. It appears that their financial resources and relationships are dwindling, leading to a desperate feeling to reconnect with King Charles. The question arises: would Charles accept an invitation from Thomas Markle to spend time in Rosarito if it was extended to him? Plus, one wonders why they asked for extra security.

Although Harry has returned to the UK on several occasions, there have been no documented credible attacks on Meghan and Harry, apart from occasional public disapproval and some banners highlighting their perceived hypocrisy.

It should be noted that Harry requires a month’s notice for accommodation and security arrangements to be made by palace officials, and we are now two days away from November 25, the time press. Their request for extra security raises questions, especially considering their plans to introduce their children to the world over the holidays.

It is evident that the Sussexes have been unable to communicate directly with King Charles, which may have led them to use the media to communicate their intentions. Sources close to the couple suggested they would need increased protection to accept any invitation. Without residence in Britain, they would depend on a formal invitation from King Charles or Buckingham Palace to stay in a sufficiently protected residence.

In March, King Charles asked Harry and Meghan to move out of Frogmore Cottage, their home in Windsor. They moved completely in July. It is important to note that Harry no longer has police protection while in the UK, following the Home Office’s decision to withdraw it.

Many royals feel that allowing them to take part in the Christmas Day walk to church, for example, would be a mistake, given their previous actions. It appears the Sussexes have an urgent, perhaps financial, need to attend the royal family’s Christmas, but as of yet, they have not received any invitations.

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