New Evidence Confirms Meghan Markle’s Past as Yacht Girl, Caught Serving on Yacht in St. Barths

Recently, some rather startling rumors have surfaced suggesting that Meghan Markle may have taken unconventional steps to indulge in luxury yacht trips to St. Barths while dating her then-boyfriend. , Corey. These trips are said to have taken place at the expense of a mysterious and somewhat dubious source. The basis for these claims lie in some photos that have surfaced on social media, alluding to the individuals who allegedly funded Meghan’s extravagant escapades.

What caught the eye was the stark contrast between the opulence of these trips and Meghan’s reported earnings and work commitments at the time. Meghan used to document her trips to St. Barths, a destination synonymous with the yachting elite, who effortlessly sipped champagne, draped sweaters over her shoulders, donned stilettos with her bikini and often conversed fluently in French, even when ordering from a menu.

These trips took place around September 2014, shortly before the end of his stint in season 4 of the television show “Suits”. Financially speaking, Meghan wasn’t really making any money, especially considering her role on the show. Additionally, during this period, she reportedly had a relationship with Corey, whom she interviewed for her blog The Tig in the summer of 2014. Given the start of their relationship, it seems unlikely that he paid the bill for such a relationship. extravagant getaways, and that would no doubt have stretched Meghan’s budget.

Interestingly, some photographs from these trips feature a view from a room, but Meghan is noticeably absent from them. This raised questions as to whether she had actually stayed at the mentioned hotel or whether these photos had been used for promotional purposes or for travel blogging, a common practice among influencers. Meghan often wrote in a style that technically adhered to the truth but left room for interpretation. For example, she would mention a hotel without explicitly stating that she stayed there. This careful choice of wording allowed her to maintain accuracy, even though she was not sleeping in the mentioned location.

A closer look at Meghan’s messages raised questions about her companions on those trips. Were these girls her friends at the time or were they fellow travelers she had met on her travels? Are there any photos showing her with them, suggesting ongoing friendships, or has she perhaps lost touch with them over time?

A recent August 2023 article in Hello magazine featured Meghan’s yacht trip to St. Barths. While this post may simply be a throwback or a reflection of Meghan’s travel experiences, some have noted its timing, given Prince Harry’s absence while in Japan. Some are wondering if there could be more to this seemingly innocent post, especially given the ongoing rumors hinting at potential strain in their relationship.

Rumors have persisted suggesting that Meghan may have engaged in unconventional pursuits to secure these luxurious getaways, potentially catering to the desires of older, affluent men on yachts. Certain blind objects and associations with influential figures in the hospitality industry have fueled these speculations. Meghan has been photographed with older, influential men, including a photo where she sat on the lap of a wealthy man.

While Meghan’s past involvement with yachts isn’t entirely surprising, a recent leak from a source suggested she may have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) while working as a yacht girl on one of the Andrew Yachts. Apparently all girls working in this industry are required to sign NDAs. It’s worth noting that this happened long before she met Prince Harry, which might explain why she never publicly criticized him and why he pointed out that she didn’t recognize him when they first met. encounter.

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