Natalie Portman’s personal trainer reveals exactly how she got so ripped for Thor Love and Thunder

Natalie Portman’s personal trainer reveals how she got so torn for Thor: Love and Thunder and the actress’ strict day on a plate during training

“Natalie did five sessions a week and didn’t miss a session the entire time we trained,” the RPX Fitness director told Us Weekly on Thursday.

The personal trainer said the main goal was to build up the actress’ arms and abdominal muscles.

She added: “We also worked on stability and agility for injury prevention, as Natalie had dynamic stunt scenes that required her to move, twist and land in various positions.

“I was also very happy that she went through the difficult stunt process without any injuries.

Natalie’s workouts consisted mostly of boxing, jumping rope, core work and weightlifting, with a dramatic increase in her protein intake.

As she was vegan, she ate a vegan breakfast of oats and berries with a protein shake while her on-set snacks included fruits, nuts and salads.

Naomi explained that the actress would then have a vegan falafel dish for lunch with another protein shake, and a vegan curry and a third protein shake for dinner.

“This amount of food was obviously way more than Natalie normally eats, but it was essential for her to maintain it throughout filming to retain the muscle she had built up,” she said.

The fitness instructor added that while she provided advice, it was Natalie’s dedication that helped her achieve her fitness goals for the Marvel movie.

Natalie told Variety that her new, muscular figure has given her a new perspective on how body type can change a person’s perception of themselves.

She said: ‘On Black Swan I was asked to be as short as possible. [For Thor] I was asked to get as big as possible.

She continued: “It’s an incredible challenge – and also a mindset as a woman. To have that reaction and be seen as great, you realize, “Oh, it must be so different, walking around the world like that.”

“When you’re little – and also, I think, because I started as a kid – a lot of times I feel young or small or kind of patting myself on the head. And I look like this because of it.

Natalie’s co-star Chris Hemsworth, 38, also had to go the extra mile to prepare for his role as Thor, eating eight meals a day to look like the God of Thunder.

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