Nanny Maria’s Evidence Thwarts Meghan Markle Alleged Plot to Flirt with William: Poor Harry!

Poor Harry found himself in a state of frustration when rumors resurfaced unearthing troubling details of Meghan’s dodgy past.

These revelations emerged during a rapid-fire interview where Meghan was faced with the dilemma of choosing between Prince William and Harry, just months before her romantic involvement with the climbing royal.

During a live question and answer session on Periscope in Canada, a journalist asked the American actress about her preference between Prince William and Prince Harry. The 35-year-old shook her head, laughed and replied, “I don’t know.” This candid response backs up the claim that Meghan aspired to be queen even before she met Harry.

This truth is further substantiated by Nanny Maria, Meghan’s former best friend, who confirmed that Nikki provided evidence to thwart Meghan’s alleged plot to flirt with Harry’s brother. Nikki revealed that Meghan even dreamed of being the queen of the British royal family by becoming the wife of William. According to Megan’s ex-friend, Nikki has plenty of photographic evidence to back up her claims. In addition, Megan’s choice to play the roles of princess or queen in the game “Game of Thrones” further strengthens her ambitions.

A photo captures the moment Meghan leaned into William’s face, patting his arm as he wore a shocked expression. Such behavior is understandably unsettling for a younger brother whose potential bride has apparently shown interest in his older brother, who is destined to be king.

Unfortunately, Megan’s attempt to rectify her mistake came too late. In her desperation, she resorted to spreading false stories about William’s involvement with Rose. Additionally, his constant derogatory remarks about Catherine are deemed unforgivable, portraying her as far from a nice person.

Meghan Markle has come under fire for her alleged attitude issues, as expressed by various experts, insiders and even former staff members. The Duchess of Sussex managed to upset not only the public but also some of her closest friends.

Her childhood friend, Enaki Nikki, has spoken out against her, explaining why their friendship ended. Nikki revealed that Megan’s entitlement has become more evident over time. From the second season of “Suits”, Megan refused invitations to lunch with them if she was recognized in public.

Questioning his behavior meant risking exclusion from those around him. Nikki shared instances where Megan demonstrated a sense of entitlement, demanding that others drop everything to fit into her schedule.

If someone was busy, Megan would question his desire to spend time with her, using guilt as a manipulation tactic. Eventually, Nikki realized that Megan had changed, no longer looking like the friend she once knew. Megan would give the silent treatment or show her displeasure when someone rubbed her the wrong way.

Nikki recounted a childhood incident where they had a disagreement and spent hours sitting in silence at opposite ends of the garden. Nikki was always the first to apologize, longing for their friendship to be restored. However, Megan’s stubbornness and narcissistic tendencies made reconciliation difficult.

In light of these revelations, it’s obvious that Meghan’s true character may not match her public persona. Her alleged manipulative behavior and hypocritical nature came to the fore, leaving Harry disappointed and questioning the authenticity of their relationship.

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