Myren Ibargo’s husband: is she married to Alberto Caballero?

Fans speculate that Mirren Ibargorn Merido (husband) is Alberto Caballero, as they have been together for a decade.

Mirren Ibergorn is a Spanish actress known for her television, film and theater work. She was born on February 6, 1980 in Donostia-San Sebastian, a city in the Basque Country in Spain.

Ibergorn is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in the Spanish entertainment industry. With a career spanning over two decades, she has established herself as one of Spain’s most respected and versatile performers.

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Myren Ibargo’s husband: is she married to Alberto Caballero?

Mirren Ibargorn is not married to Alberto Caballero, but they have been in a relationship since 2013. Caballero is a director and writer, known for his work in Spanish television series such as La que se avecina and Aquí no quen viva.

Mirren and Alberto met on the set of La que se avecina, where he was the director, and she was one of the prominent cast members.

Although they have been together for almost a decade, they have yet to tie the knot. However, their relationship seems to be stable and stable. They recently welcomed their first child, Rocco, in July 2022.

Mirren Ibargorn and Alberto Caballero have been together for a decade (source: Instagram)

Mirren Ibergorn announced her pregnancy on Instagram and expressed her happiness at becoming a mother. She also mentioned how she always wanted to have children and was grateful to have a supportive partner like Alberto.

In an interview with ¡Hola! In the magazine, Mirren praised Alberto’s qualities as a father and expressed her gratitude towards him for being there for her throughout her pregnancy and the birth of their child.

She also stated that she had great regard for her parents and believed that everything favored their child’s happiness.

Myran Ibargo’s family was questioned

Mirren Ibergorn was born in Donostia-San Sebastián, a city in the Basque Country in Spain. Her parents, whose names are not publicly known, are also of Basque origin.

Mirren has kept her private life private, so there is not much information about her family. However, it is known that Miren grew up in a family that supported her artistic pursuits.

Her passion for acting began at a young age, and she continued it with the encouragement of her family. Miren’s parents recognized her talent and helped her realize her dreams.

Myran Ibargo's husband
A lovely couple, Mirren Ibargorn and Alberto Caballero (source: Instagram)

They provided her with the resources and support to take acting lessons and perform in local theater productions.

Mirren talked about the influence her grandmother had on her life. Her grandmother was a strong and independent woman who instilled in Miren a sense of determination and ambition.

Despite Mirren’s success as an actress, she remained close to her family. In interviews she talked about the importance of her family in her life and how they keep her grounded.

The professional career of Miren Ibargo

Mirren Ibergorn started acting in 2005, appearing in the Spanish TV series “Amar es para Siempre” and “Los hombres de Paco”.

She was recognized for her comedic talents and was soon cast in the popular comedy series “Aida” in 2006. In “Aida” Ibargorn played the character of Soraya, a Disney-loving waitress.

The show was a huge success and ran for nine seasons, from 2005 to 2014. Ibargorn’s character of Soraya was praised by audiences and critics alike, and she became a household name in Spain.

After “Aida” ended, Ibergorn continued to work in television, appearing in shows such as “El Hombre de tu vida” and “Lolita Cabaret”.

In 2016, she made her film debut with the film “Villaviciosa de al lado”, directed by Nacho C. Velila. She plays the role of Marisa, a woman whose husband convinces her to join a program to win the lottery.

Myran Ibargo's husband
Miren Ibergorn in ‘Behance El’ (source: Instagram)

The film was a commercial success and helped establish Ibergorn as a film actress. In addition to her acting career, Ibergorn is an accomplished stage actress.

The actress appeared in several theater productions, including “El nombre”, “La gran depresión” and “Siete años”, among others. Her work in theater has been praised for its depth and versatility.

Ibargorn has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations throughout her career, including three for the Spanish Actors’ Union Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series for her work in Aida.

She was also nominated for the Best Actress Award at the 2017 Feroz Awards for her performance in the film “La gran depresión”.

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