Mothers Oppose Meghan Markle’s Failed Adoption Attempt Amid Fashion Shoot at Trebecafé Shelter

Rumors have been circulating on social media for months suggesting that Prince Harry’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Meghan Markle, is shopping for her baby and considering adoption in another country. Surprisingly, there might be some truth to these speculations.

Meghan is actively pursuing a political career and has for years cultivated an image close to Mother Teresa. Adopting a child from another country and bringing him to California could certainly boost his image and attract his attention.

Since Meghan married Prince Harry, critics and fans have made comparisons between the Duchess and Angelina Jolie. Some even speculated that Meghan tried to emulate Angelina’s style and infiltrate the actress’ inner circle. So, if Meghan aspires to be like Angelina, adopting a child from a refugee camp would fit that image and provide a remarkable photo opportunity.

While in Dusseldorf, Germany, Meghan made a secret visit to the Trevor Café, a shelter for women and children in need. She was observed wearing matching gray clothing during this visit. Although she failed to convince any children to be adopted, Meghan turned the shelter into a makeshift fashion photoshoot, in keeping with her penchant for charity photoshoots.

Critics were quick to follow Meghan’s actions, as they were seen as yet another of her fame-driven activities. Some online commenters expressed doubt that charities and shelters were still taking her in, suggesting she arrived with a check that wouldn’t bounce. There was also skepticism about her true intentions, with comments insinuating that she was seeking to showcase clothes, attract public attention and make quick appearances for financial gain.

One eagle-eyed observer pointed out that there was only one woman present during Meghan’s visit, raising questions about whether others were protected from her PR stunts. This observer humorously speculated whether Meghan had tried to sell her clothes or photos of herself to the shelter occupants.

Additionally, critics pointed out Meghan’s emphasis on her attire during her visit to the shelter, instead of emphasizing service or facts related to the shelter’s mission. This attention to her clothing choices, they claimed, was indicative of her priorities.

Meghan’s visit to the shelter follows her departure to join Prince Harry in Germany for the Invictus Games. Some fans have commented on Meghan’s reliance on her husband’s celebrity status, suggesting she is overshadowed without him. They questioned his decision to travel separately to the UK, seeing it as another PR stunt and another photo opportunity.

In summary, Meghan Markle’s actions and the public’s reactions to them highlight the ongoing scrutiny of her behavior and motivations, particularly in the context of her image and fame.

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