Montecito Hair Salons Boycott Meghan Markle Over Alleged Disrespectful Behavior Towards Staff

Meghan and Harry, the woke Royals, appear to be facing consequences that could be considered justice, all thanks to a little karma. So we all know Meghan and Harry’s playbook: hungry for the spotlight, playing the victim card against the royal family, and clinging to the royal names even after stepping back. However, it seems their actions have finally caught up with them in Montecito, where local hair salons are making sure the couple gets a taste of their own medicine. Reports suggest that not one, not two, but four Montecito salons posted signs explicitly banning Meghan from entering. Yes, “Fake royals are not allowed here” seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

Now, let’s dive into the backstory. According to sources, one incident turned out to be the final straw. Meghan, in all her supposed diva glory, reportedly booked a last-minute appointment at a luxury salon in Montecito, requiring a significant hair transformation. Despite the salon staff’s efforts, things took a turn for the worse when Meghan expressed dissatisfaction with the length of her hair. Witnesses say she voiced her complaints loudly, accusing the stylist of damaging her hair. In a stunning show of entitlement, Meghan insisted on redoing, leaving the stylist frustrated.

This is where it gets even more interesting. When presented with a bill totaling $2,000, including the cost of the products and a tip, Meghan reportedly hesitated and refused to pay, citing her so-called royal status. She even asked for a discount. That’s when the residents decided they’d had enough. A Montecito resident commented: “Megan was never a royal one way or the other. Harry gave up being a minor royal at her insistence.”

The news takes another intriguing turn since Harry was notably absent from the coronation documentary, despite having been present earlier in the year. Some residents said her absence was unsurprising, pointing out that the focus was on the royal family, a subject the couple appears to have lost touch with.

Karma seems to be taking its toll, and Meghan and Harry are feeling the repercussions. The “Fake Royals Not Allowed Here” signs are a bold statement from local hair salons, signaling that diva and entitled behavior will not be tolerated.


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