Miley Cyrus Meets The Queen of England

Miley Cyrus meets the Queen of England

Miley Cyrus gently shakes hands with Queen Elizabeth II after the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool, England on Monday evening (December 7).

The show, also starring Lady Gaga, features a wide range of performers from all aspects of popular entertainment and show business.

According to the Mirror UK, Miley performed her single “Party in the USA” while wearing leather shorts and a cropped top.

Racy Miley Cyrus royally surpasses Lady Gaga in front of the Queen (Hide your eyes, Your Majesty!) [POLL]

Lady Gaga is the most racy and outrageous, isn’t she, and Miley Cyrus is the innocent kid who sometimes makes choices inappropriate for her age?

Miley Cyrus meets the Queen of England

Hmm. After the Royal Variety Performance for Queen Elizabeth II on Monday night, it’s definitely time to revisit this nugget of conventional wisdom.

And as always, the ministry’s absolutely accurate online statistics department is conducting a survey.

Gaga showed up in latex, as promised, but the dress was so far and there, with all the parts mega-covered. She had left for the drama on stage adding – wait – an Elizabethan necklace. Suspended on a swing with her piano 20 feet in the air, Lady G performed “Speechless”, which she wrote for her father, Joseph Germanotta. (He was in the audience.)

Miley, meanwhile, met the bra-less Queen in an orange maxi dress that certainly wasn’t “up to the mark.” Her performance spun her around in hot leather pants on “Party in the USA,” the tune she did at the Teen Choice Awards. His new tattoo was not visible, which at his age would have needed an agreement from his father, Billy Ray Cyrus. (He has his own audience.)

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