Melania Trump, ‘miserable and unhappy’ in her marriage: has she been unfaithful to the president?

Many media are echoing the rumor that the first lady was disloyal to her husband with a man she trusted. We also talk about divorce

Melania Trump the gestures of contempt towards her husband, Donald Trump, since they conquered the White House have been widely commented on, but now a reason has emerged in the international press that would explain the reason for these public affronts, which range from defiant looks to bad manners when refusing her husband’s hand.

As a well-known British writer put it, and the American media echoed it, Melanie Trump was allegedly disloyal to the president, in addition to someone she trusted completely, with the head of security at Trump Tower.

As soon as the information manipulated by Mónica Byrne was known, the controversy again settled in the Oval Office. The Trump couple is constantly analyzed and, according to this British writer, they are so aware of this circumstance that they have tried to protect themselves from possible attacks by protecting their relationship with pacts. “Melanie Trump

is imprisoned in a marriage,” says the writer, who maintains at all times her version that the first lady of the United States is supposed to be secretly dating a trusted man of her husband and that their marriage is supported simply by the commitment that they took. in a legal pact, in which Melanie Trump is linked to her husband from the first minute he accepted the presidency.

Melania Trump, "miserable and unhappy" in her marriage: was she unfaithful to the president?

In fact, this version, which would come to explain the reasons why Melanie Trump refuses to show affection to her son’s father, is also reinforced by information leaked by a member of Clinton’s campaign team. Although he preferred to remain anonymous, he is quick to claim that the presidential marriage was broken up long before Trump won the election, they even signed the divorce papers, but that his political rise meant a sudden change. plans and Melanie Trump had to wait to start charting his own path: “Melanie Trump was miserable and
unfortunate since her husband decided to run for the White House.”

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