Melania Trump and cosmetic surgery, has she retouched or not?

We analyze the “eternally young” face of the first lady of the United States

Melania Trump is always in the spotlight and since being elected First Lady of the United States, she has been in the spotlight as the wife of the new President of the United States, Donald Trump. And of course, if there is something surprising about the former Slovak model, it is her beauty and her forever youthful face. If it is obvious that her good genetics count for her, we also know that her face has today been the subject of various aesthetic retouching. We tell you what they are!

Melania Trump is 46 but everyone would say she looks a bit younger. However, if we look back at the current First Lady of the United States a few years ago, we see how much better she looks now than before.

Magic? No. Cosmetic alterations and surgery? Yes. Because in addition to the good work of make-up artists and stylists, good care of the skin, the body and its diet and nutrition, we can assure you that Botox has been infiltrated and cosmetic treatments and surgeries have been carried out.

Her skin is much more nourished than a few years ago, more luminous and without signs of sagging or wrinkles. And not only do we say it but also Dr. Fabio Vieria who assures us that Melania Trump has undergone vitamin, hyaluronic acid and skinbooster treatments, very fashionable among Hollywood actresses.

“If we analyze the upper third of his face, we see that strangely he has almost no wrinkles but he retains his facial expression although it does not match the forehead, frown and crow’s feet. of someone who is 46 years old and who has never had any aesthetic medicine treatment. So, taking into account that the upper third of the face is treated with botulinum toxin, we can say, approximately 100%, that at some point the first lady had a session,” says Dr. Vieria.

Also, another of the eye-catching features is her lips. If we look at the previous photos, we see how Melania already had well-defined lips with great volume, but over the years the turgidity of her lips has diminished. To maintain it, it is necessary to make refreshments with hyaluronic acid to maintain the volume and an adequate hydration, the cocoa or the lip balm are not enough. And contrary to what many people believe, any treatment performed to increase the lip or simply emphasize the lip does not have to give us an outrageous result as we can see in Melania, the result is natural.

Another of the areas of Melania Trump’s face that has changed over the years is her cheekbones, which lose strength and volume over time and give rise to a more empty and languid face where the furrows are accentuated. nasolabial.

To counteract its effects, at Melania “we observed the opposite: a fresher, more radiant face with adequate cheekbone volume and virtually no trace of furrows or wrinkles.”

And of course, surgery has also been a great ally in changing Melania Trump’s image when it comes to her breasts, as she sports a fuller, firmer cleavage than she did years ago.

Another of the surgical signs that reveals his face is his nose. If we look at old photos, we see how the nasal profile of the first lady has been stylized until obtaining a nose in perfect harmony with her face.

So, whether she admits it or not, it’s clear that Melania is very supportive of staying younger over time and the truth is she’s filled it in by going under the knife and this time with good results.

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