Meghan Markle Was Pregnant Teenager in Wedding Pics, Prince Harry Not Her First Husband

There is a secret that Meghan has been keeping from the world, a secret that has the potential to shatter her image and reputation. They are her first husband, Joe Giuliano, and their daughter Lily. Yes, you read correctly: Meghan Markle was already married and pregnant before meeting her second husband, Trevor Engelson, whom she divorced in 2013 after two years of marriage. Recently, Joe Giuliano, her first husband, shared photos from their wedding on Instagram, as well as a photo of their now 15-year-old daughter.

Who is Joe Giuliano and how did he meet Meghan Markle? Joe Giuliano is a former boyfriend of Meghan Markle who dated her before she became famous. According to a Metro article, the two met in 2004, when Meghan was 23 and Joe was 28. They dated for over two years and married in 2006 in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas. Meghan was pregnant with their daughter Lily at the time. Joe Giuliano is a producer and director known for his work on films such as “Remember Me” with Robert Pattinson and “The Social Network” with Jesse Eisenberg. He is also the founder of a production company called JG Films.

Why did Joe Giuliano and Meghan Markle divorce? Joe Giuliano and Meghan Markle divorced in 2008 after two years of marriage. The exact reason for their divorce remains unclear, but some sources claim that Meghan cheated on Joe with Trevor Engelson, whom she met on the set of “Remember Me,” a film produced by Joe. Other sources suggest that Meghan left Joe due to allegations of abuse and control, saying she wanted to pursue her acting career in Hollywood. Whatever the reason, Meghan and Joe agreed to keep the divorce and their daughter’s existence a secret, sharing custody of Lily. Meghan changed her name to Rachel Meghan Markle and moved to Los Angeles with Trevor Engelson, whom she married in 2011. Joe remained in New York with Lily, continuing his work as a producer and director.

Why did Joe Giuliano post his wedding photos with Meghan Markle on Instagram? On December 21, 2023, Joe Giuliano posted his wedding photos with Meghan Markle on Instagram, along with a photo of their daughter Lily, who looks a lot like Meghan. In the caption, he expressed a heartfelt message, wishing Meghan a happy birthday and recognizing her as his first and only love. Joe stressed that while Meghan may have moved on, she will always be his wife in his heart. He declared his love for her and their daughter, Lily.

Meghan Markle’s dark secret has now been revealed and the world is eagerly awaiting her response. Will she admit the truth or deny it? Will she apologize or defend herself against the allegations? The questions persist: will she reconcile with Joe and Lily, or will she cut them off? Will Harry support her or leave her? And what will the reaction of the royal family be: will they accept it or will they reject it? The world awaits Meghan Markle’s next move as she deals with the fallout from this revelation.


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