Meghan Markle Sued by William’s Lawyers Over Smear Allegations Since 2019

In a recent revelation on Twitter, suspicions have arisen over Meghan Markle’s involvement in spreading royal family rumors and gossip since 2019.

According to a Twitter user known for his insider knowledge, it’s suggested that Meghan may have been the source of a series of nasty rumors about Prince Harry, Princess Kate and the rest of the royal family.

The Twitter user, who claims to have ties to entertainment lawyer Bill Simmons, shared information on a podcast, alleging that Harry was not interested in working with Spotify and was only grateful for his deal with Netflix, which is unlikely to be renewed.

The source also indicated that Meghan may have capitalized on her relationship with Harry to gain notoriety and secure her personal interests.

The rumors allegedly started in 2019, with an article in the Express stating that Prince William was angry with Charles over a comment about their son, Prince George. This led to tension within the family, with Harry confronting Charles over the leaked information, suspecting him of trying to victimize himself. However, it was later discovered that the rumors originated from Harry and Meghan themselves.

Other allegations suggest Meghan had taken an excessive interest in William and Kate’s marriage, even getting involved with a secretary who talked about the couple. This apparent interference reportedly caused William to confront the Queen and ask Harry and Meghan to leave Kensington.

The situation escalated in September 2019, when an ugly rumor emerged about Rose Hanbury, with William and Kate discovering that the press had mistaken Rose Middleton (an alias Kate used during secret dates with William) for someone else.

In retaliation, Meghan reportedly asked Kate how it felt to be cheated on, prompting Kate to exclude the couple from her 2020 anniversary party, further fueling the tension between them.

These claims, although coming from social media, added more complexity to the ongoing drama within the royal family and raised questions about Meghan’s alleged involvement in the turmoil. As the situation continues to unfold, the validity of these rumors remains a matter of speculation among royal watchers.

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