Meghan Markle Stunned as Lady C Claims MI5 Will Release Shocking Records of Her and Doria Next Month

Meghan Markle is said to feel a sense of foreboding when Lady C recently claimed that MI5 is set to release shocking recordings relating to Meghan and her mother, Doria, next month. Lady C has raised concerns about how Meghan and Doria allegedly treated Meghan’s father Thomas, which she considers to be unequivocally wrong. She also speculates on the potential consequences for Prince Harry if similar treatment were given to him.

Aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell shared her thoughts on these allegations and accusations against Meghan Markle and Doria Ragland during a YouTube appearance. She looked into Meghan and her mother’s alleged intentions towards Harry. Notably, Lady C referenced an arrest and trial number linked to Doria, implying a more complex history.

According to Lady C, it was Doria Ragland who persuaded Meghan to accuse the British press, and by extension British readers, of discrimination. Doria also publicly criticized Thomas Markle in an interview, accusing him of capitalizing on Meghan’s newfound fame. Doria boldly asserted her desire to have her voice heard.

Lady C describes Meghan as an “old soul” and a “straight student”, highlighting her upbringing in Los Angeles under Doria’s shared custody with her ex-husband, Thomas Markle. However, it is revealed that Doria was largely absent during Meghan’s childhood, with Thomas bearing all the expenses. Lady C alleges that Meghan and her mother were seeking financial gain from Thomas, with Doria being the primary beneficiary.

Additionally, Lady C accuses Doria of marginalizing Thomas’ other children during her marriage to him. Samantha, one of Thomas’s children, reportedly began to resent Doria when she realized that Doria’s interest in Thomas was primarily financial.

These allegations stem from Doria’s past as an absentee parent for significant periods of her daughter’s life, with Thomas Markle left behind to cover expenses. Lady C also suggests there may be more serious aspects of Doria’s background that Buckingham Palace, in conjunction with intelligence, has been keeping secret to avoid embarrassing the Royal Family.

Despite these claims, the royal family is unlikely to release any information about Doria, in keeping with their characteristic discretion. The concern is that if such information were to surface, it would still be attributed to the Royal Family.

Meghan’s connection to the royal family, particularly as the grandmother of Archie and Lilibet, ensures that any revelations about her family would trickle down to the royal family. However, after any divorce, third-party sources can potentially leak additional information, saving the royal family from being directly associated with the revelations.

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