Meghan Markle Strikes Again, Drops Another Bombshell on King Charles & Kate Amid Health Issues

As the royal family faces significant health challenges, Meghan is relaxing in her California mansion without lifting a finger to help. King Charles and Kate are facing serious health issues that require surgery and rest. Big Willie must take time off to care for Kate and the kids, leaving the royal calendar wide open. The family needs all hands on deck, but where are Harry and Meghan? The fugitive royals who abandoned their duties for those Netflix checks are nowhere to be found. Apparently they haven't even bothered to call Charles since his birthday – freezing.

Imagine if they had stayed in the UK. They could step in now, make commitments and help the family if needed. But no, too busy doing yoga and sipping green juice in Montecito. Even royal historian Hugo Vickas criticized Meghan for having no intention of going all out, and he's right. His plan all along was to seize royal fame and bounce back.

I mean, come on, Meg! If you are still clinging to these titles and money from the so-called oppressive monarchy, the least you can do is help in a crisis. But Meghan only cares about one person: herself. This health crisis shows the extent to which she and Harry have abandoned their duties, turning their backs on Hollywood salaries and parties with celebrities.

Megan doesn't even bother to make a supportive phone call. Girl, you weren't too traumatized by the royal family to take their money and fame. Megan and her followers might argue that she's a devoted mom in California, but let's be real: Parenting happens even when there's no camera crew. For Meghan, she's just lazy and entitled.

Imagine if compassionate Kate had had to flee to Hollywood, the Queen would have been heartbroken. This is why people love Kate; she shows up with grace, even when facing challenges herself. Meanwhile, what's going on professionally with Meghan this year? Nothing. No acting roles or big projects, just clinging to a duchess title and waiting for Harry's inheritance.

In my opinion, this mess further proves that Harry and Meghan's time as royals was always a joke. Meghan saw this as an opportunity to improve her fame and her bank account – duty and service were never on her radar. Honestly, the royal family is better off without these two selfish crooks. In times of crisis, we see the true colors of people, and Meghan has shown that she will always put her own interests first.

Hopefully King Charles will have the courage to cut them off completely and strip the Sussexes of their remaining roles and privileges. They chose to abandon the monarchy, so let's stop granting them honor or access. The Windsors don't need these spoiled brats in their drama. But I'm sure Meghan will continue to play the victim and blame the royal system.

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