Meghan Markle Reportedly Envious as King Charles Offers New Opportunities to Kate

In 2024, the Princess of Wales should have plenty of opportunities to shine, according to Debbie Frank, the royal astrologer who was a close friend and confidante of Princess Diana. Although she is not naturally inclined to seek attention, the coming year should provide her with several opportunities to stand out. According to the astrologer, Kate is poised for a year of elevated vision and accomplishment, propelled by the placement of Mars in her birth sign, Capricorn. January is expected to be a particularly notable month, with Jupiter drawing attention to his work and style, garnering public praise.

Debbie, who turns 42 next week, highlighted that March 25 would be a significant highlight for Kate, coinciding with a full moon eclipse on Mars. The astrological alignments Kate shares with Prince William are expected to propel the royal couple into the spring spotlight, with a full moon on April 25. Summer should be relatively quieter before a resurgence in the fall, marked by a new moon eclipse on October 2, which will continue through November and December.

The report also highlights the upcoming state visit hosted by King Charles for the President of the Republic of Korea and the First Lady from November 21 to 23. Prince William and Kate, a formidable royal couple, should play a significant role during this official visit.

Kate, who shares three children with Prince William, has dedicated herself to focusing on the early years, aligning herself with the golden thread that remains a constant theme throughout her professional life. The report mentions his involvement in various projects, including launching an awareness campaign last year through the Royal Foundation Early Childhood Centre. Kate’s patronage extends to several children’s charities, sports-related organizations and arts institutions, showcasing her diverse interests and commitments.

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