Meghan Markle Outraged as Palace Removes Archie’s Christening Record but Updates Profiles of Wales’ Children

Recently, fans of the royal family noticed that an interesting change had been made to the range of profiles and family photos on the official Royal website. Specifically, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor's page seemed to have mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Normally, the site provides biographies and photos chronicling major events in the lives of all members of the royal family and high-profile nuclear families. However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie was noticeably absent. Although he was seventh in line to the throne, speculation immediately spread online as to why his page had been removed without warning or explanation.

Things got more intense when eagle-eyed detectives discovered that the pages for Prince William and Kate's three children – George, Charlotte and Louis – had all been quietly updated with new content and photos . This included never-before-seen images of Kate's recent birthday portraits of the Cambridge children. The timing and selective nature of the changes did not sit well with many, who felt it was a thinly veiled feud between the two royal branches.

The unofficial message seemed to promote the Cambridge heirs while demoting Archie and, by extension, Meghan. If true, it would certainly spark a major controversy, and fingers began to be pointed directly at Palace PR. As the drama came to a head online, a surprising statement emerged directly from Buckingham Palace to address concerns.

“As an established practice, the Royal Household reviews and updates its website periodically to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is presented appropriately. This includes profiling members of the Royal Family who currently hold public office official.”

Oh my goodness, you just know that statement must rub Meghan the wrong way. After all the drama of the Sussexes' exit, to be called out like this for no longer being qualified to hold office must be a slap in the face for the ambitious duchess. Sure enough, sources say Meghan immediately lost her cool upon seeing the palace's statement. She allegedly even blew up Harry's phone, screaming and crying for hours about how it was further proof that the institution was out to find her.

Poor Harry has once again been put to the test by his fiery wife's tantrums, it seems. Meanwhile, at their luxury mansion in Montecito, California, Meghan decided to take matters into her own hands. She is reportedly coordinating a massive public relations counter-offensive with her army of famous friends like the Obamas, the Clooneys and Oprah to spin the whole story in her favor and gain sympathy.

The fight is clearly intensifying behind closed doors. This was no coincidence and a major power move by the palace against the Sussex camp after so much betrayal and bad press. But will Meghan's new PR blitz help regain control of the narrative, or has she finally crossed a line too far this time?

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