Meghan Markle Kicked Out of Mariah Carey’s Home After Alleged Fake Counsel on Split with Bryan Tanaka

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, found herself facing an unexpected turn of events when she was asked to leave Mariah Carey’s Beverly Hills mansion. The situation arose after Mariah publicly announced the end of her seven-year relationship with longtime boyfriend Brian Tanaka. According to an exclusive source cited by the Daily Mail, things took a bad turn when Meghan, who had declared her admiration for Mariah’s music, decided to give her unsolicited advice.

Meghan waded into Mariah’s personal matter and began giving her what some called “fake advice” on how to handle the breakup. Meghan seemed convinced she knew better than Mariah, launching into a lecture about managing emotions and moving on from Brian. She urged Mariah to focus on the newfound freedom and independence she had, with an emphasis on her career and her children. Meghan insisted that Mariah should not let one man define her happiness and should look for someone who respects and appreciates her for who she truly is.

In an attempt to understand, Meghan drew parallels to her own experiences, claiming to understand what Mariah was going through. Meghan highlighted her and Harry’s journey, citing the challenges and criticism they faced in their relationship, which they overcame by staying united and following their hearts. She emphasized that they had made sacrifices for their love and were now happier than ever. Meghan implored Mariah to listen to her heart and not let anyone else dictate her choices.

However, the source revealed that Mariah was far from impressed by Meghan’s words. Mariah felt like Meghan was being condescending and intrusive. As someone who was twice previously married, Mariah believed that Meghan had no real insight into her life and had no right to pry into her personal affairs. Mariah expressed her fury, telling Meghan to mind her own business. Mariah stressed that Meghan was unaware of her situation and did not have the authority to give advice. She accused Meghan of hypocrisy and lying, referencing Meghan’s own family and the controversies surrounding her fame and wealth.

Mariah called Meghan a troublemaker, a drama queen and a fake fan, accusing her of causing problems for the royal family and the media. Mariah firmly demanded that Meghan leave her house and stay out of her life, making it clear that she was no longer welcome. Meghan was taken aback and stunned, feeling as if she had been slapped in the face. She struggled to pull herself together before joining Harry and leaving Mariah’s residence.

Harry, who was unaware of the incident, attempted to defuse the situation and reconcile with Mariah. However, Mariah’s anger extended to him and she insisted that he accompany his wife. Mariah has moved on with her life, moving away from Meghan and Harry, focusing on her children, friends, family and music career. She aimed to stay positive, not allowing Meghan and Harry’s actions to affect her happiness. Mariah had moved on and had no interest in reconnecting with the couple, remaining focused on the future.

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