Meghan Markle Furious Over Harry Seeking William’s Help Again for Money Problems!

It appears Prince Harry has called his brother, Prince William, expressing his desire to return to London with his wife, Meghan, and their children. The termination of their highly anticipated $20 million Spotify deal has dealt the couple a major blow, leaving them in financial shock.

Since leaving the UK and moving to the US, their lives have undergone a dramatic transformation, especially in financial matters. Recent reports from suggest that Harry’s worries about money and their future in the US prompted him to contact Prince William without telling Meghan, causing her deep distress.

An insider revealed: “Harry admitted he had phoned William to ask for a truce and told his brother that he and Meghan would be ready to return to London, where they would serve King Charles.” This indicates Harry’s worries about his financial situation and his potential return to the royal family.

Prince William was taken aback by the call, unsure how to respond. The strained relationship between the brothers worsened, especially after the publication of Harry’s memoir, where he made allegations against Prince William during a heated argument over Meghan in 2019.

Financial concerns weigh heavily on Prince Harry and Meghan, with their private security details costing around $2million a year. Harry’s ongoing legal battles are adding to their financial burden, leaving them anxious about their future.

The termination of the Spotify deal sparked negative public sentiment regarding their financial endeavors, as evidenced by remarks by Bill Simmons during his podcast calling them “‘The f^^ing grifters'”.

This setback poses significant challenges as the couple navigate their post-royal life. Their future remains uncertain as they consider the possibility of returning to London and reassessing their roles within the Royal Family.

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