Meghan Markle Faces Tremors as Princess Anne and Prince Edward Seek to Eradicate ‘Evil Duchess’ from Royal History

Meghan Markle is in a state of panic as Princess Anne and Prince Edward have joined forces to remove what they call the “Evil Duchess” from the annals of royal history. Check out the latest revelations from an insider’s book ‘Endgame’, which appears to suggest that Princess Anne and Prince Edward have declared some sort of war on Meghan Markle. If you’ve been following the Meghan and Harry saga, you’ll know that they were accused of plotting against the attention-hungry, fame-seeking royal family, despite stepping down from senior royal duties.

However, the latest scoop suggests that Princess Anne and Prince Edward are now joining forces to remove Meghan from the royal narrative. According to the book “The Princess and the Lake,” the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, convinced King Charles to cut off access to Frogmore Cottage. which was given to the Sussexes as a residence during their visits to the United Kingdom. Questions have been raised over the use of this Grade II listed manor following their retirement from senior royal duties.

Princess Anne is touted as a leading proponent of a tough approach, while Prince Edward is said to be concerned about the potential impact on Meghan and Harry’s mental health. The book goes on to allege that Meghan and Harry were deeply upset by the delay in receiving the titles of their son, Archie Harrison, and Princess Liet Diana, as it took six months for Buckingham Palace to update its sites Web with their official titles. The delay led the Sussexes to compare their treatment to that of Prince William and Princess Kate.

Additionally, the book claims that King Charles declined an invitation to attend Princess Liet’s christening due to scheduling conflicts, adding another layer of tension between the royal family and the Sussexes.

But the drama doesn’t end there. The book documents a difficult relationship between Meghan and Princess Kate. According to “Endgame,” Kate seemed uncomfortable whenever Meghan’s name was mentioned and spent more time discussing Meghan than anything else.

The book also claims that during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, senior members of the Windsor family, including Queen Camila, Princess Kate and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, attempted to ignore Meghan outside Westminster Abbey . The Sussexes, keen to maintain a relationship between King Charles and their children, reportedly sent the king photos of their grandchildren.

Importantly, Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the book’s extracts, leaving us all to ponder the authenticity of these explosive claims.

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