Meghan Markle Escorted Out of National Theatre by Royal Security, Frogmore Diary Sealed by MI5

It has come to light that Meghan Markle was escorted out of London’s
National Theater by royal security, leading to a series of events that
eventually resulted in her decision to step back from royal duties alongside
Prince Harry. 

The incident occurred prior to the couple’s announcement that they would be
splitting their time between the UK and North America. Meghan’s visit to the
theater, where she holds a patronage, coincided with the couple’s
consideration of their future options.

Shortly after their visit, Meghan and Harry took to Instagram to share their
reflections and the decision to spend time outside the UK, notably during
their Christmas break in Canada. However, a photo has recently resurfaced
showing Meghan being formally escorted from the theater, as she believed she
had a meeting set up with Queen Elizabeth. The meeting was reportedly canceled
by the Queen, who was planning to discuss matters with Meghan.

As the situation unfolded, Meghan was taken to the airport with two bags of
belongings taken from Frogmore, leaving her diary behind, which remained
untouched at the residence. The Royal protectors accompanied Meghan on a
plane, where she was met by Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward, who saw her off
as she departed for Canada.

The subsequent Sandringham Summit dealt a blow to Meghan and Harry’s plans as
the Queen outlined restrictions on the use of titles for trademarks and
asserted that there would be no half-in, half-out arrangement. Harry, feeling
upset and reportedly expecting the Queen to beg Meghan to stay, expressed his
frustration during the meeting, leading to tensions within the royal family.

In a recent interview, Meghan hinted at having diaries containing secrets,
prompting speculation about the existence of such documents. The leaks also
suggested that Meghan had not considered the existence of these diaries, which
were securely held and investigated by MI5. The situation has brought a sense
of urgency and consequences to light, indicating that the diaries were
well-preserved for the future.

Meghan’s mention of not being under an NDA was seen as a veiled threat,
suggesting that she could choose to speak freely about the matters at hand.
However, the royal family’s history of keeping secret proof has served as a
counter-threat, making it clear that the diaries and evidence were
safeguarded, leaving Meghan with a potential price to pay for her actions.

The unfolding events have added to the complexity of Meghan and Harry’s
situation within the royal family, raising questions about the impact of their
decisions and the measures taken to protect the family’s interests.

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