Meghan Markle Distressed as Naomi Campbell Launches Scathing Attack in Interview, Damaging Her Elle & Vogue Covers

Naomi Campbell has sharply criticized Meghan Markle’s recent Vogue cover and Elle photo shoot, calling them fake and hypocritical. In a candid interview with The Times, the legendary model and humanitarian expressed her sense of betrayal and disgust at the Duchess of Sussex’s portrayal of herself as a champion of women and diversity. Campbell, known for her vocal support for women’s rights and racial equality, pointed out that Meghan’s efforts seemed insincere and disrespectful to those who paved the way for her. She was particularly dismayed by the September issue of British Vogue, edited by Meghan, which featured 15 women as “forces for change.”

Campbell noted that the cover appeared to be a direct copy of a book she co-wrote in 2016 called “The Game Changers,” which also featured 15 inspiring women, including Meghan herself. Much to her dismay, Campbell was neither consulted nor credited by Meghan or Vogue for this idea, leaving her feeling that her work had been stolen and exploited for Meghan’s personal agenda. Additionally, Campbell expressed disappointment with the selection of women on the cover, saying most were celebrities and activists who lacked the true impact and influence of the women featured in his book, such as scientists, engineers, businesswomen and leaders.

She specifically criticized the inclusion of Laverne Cox, a transgender actress and activist, who she said had no direct connection to the Commonwealth or British culture that Meghan claimed to celebrate. Campbell accused Meghan of pandering to the LGBTQ+ community and attempting to appear progressive and inclusive while ignoring the struggles and achievements of black women like her who have faced discrimination and prejudice in various spheres, including the fashion industry.

Campbell also took issue with Meghan’s recent L magazine photo shoot, which was intended to present her as someone relatable despite her lavish lifestyle. She called the photoshoot a desperate attempt to create a facade of normality when the reality was quite the opposite, with Meghan living a life of privilege at the expense of British taxpayers. Campbell accused Meghan of hypocrisy, calling her a liar who had betrayed the royal family and the British people by abandoning her royal duties and moving to the United States with Prince Harry and their son, Archie. She expressed sympathy for Harry, believing he had been manipulated and brainwashed by Meghan, and hoped he would eventually see his true nature and make a different choice.

Campbell has made it clear that she has no respect or admiration for Meghan and has no intention of collaborating with her or featuring her in any of her projects. She emphasized her pride in her own achievements and contributions to the world, saying she had no need to imitate or copy anyone else. Campbell presented herself as a true force for change who would continue to support and empower women and minorities, contrasting what she perceived as Meghan’s inauthenticity and deception.

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