Meghan Markle Demands Her to Kneel & Apologize to Halt Megxit Attacks

According to a self-proclaimed royal expert, Meghan is still waiting for an apology from Kate, even amid the latter’s health crisis. It’s truly astonishing to see Meghan’s boldness in this situation. Kate is fighting for her life, and yet Meghan has the nerve to demand an apology. He exhibits an extreme lack of sensitivity and overwhelming self-centeredness, further revealing Meghan’s character flaws.

Additionally, let’s address the baseless claim that Meghan and Kate have always been close friends or best friends. It is quite clear that such claims are completely unfounded. Meghan has harbored jealousy of Kate’s popularity and influence within the royal family since she joined the institution, and she has constantly looked for ways to undermine her.

What really amazes me is Meghan’s belief that she is entitled to Kate’s support and loyalty simply because they have both faced challenges as outsiders to the royal family. This notion is absurd. Kate worked diligently to earn her place and admirably represented the crown with poise and dignity. Conversely, Meghan has only contributed to chaos and division.

Let’s not forget that it was Meghan and Harry who initially made the decision to step back from their royal duties. They willingly turned their backs on the family, and now they expect Kate to come to their aid? It is the embodiment of entitlement and illusion.

Additionally, what irks me the most is Meghan’s apparent belief that she is somehow superior to Kate, which gives her the audacity to demand an apology. Kate holds the esteemed title of Princess of Wales, for goodness sake! She is a respected member of the royal family, with a legacy and responsibility that Meghan could never hope to match.

And let’s be real: Meghan’s feeble attempt at revenge is doomed to fail. Kate is in a league of her own, both in terms of character and position within the royal family. She will never grovel before Meghan’s mercy, no matter how much the deceived Duchess wishes it.

So, Meghan, let me be unequivocal: your little revenge plot against Kate will never come to fruition. You’re just a desperate individual looking for attention and the world is gradually seeing through your facade. It would be best for you to retreat into the darkness from which you emerged and leave the Duchess of Cambridge in peace. She has more important matters to attend to than your petty grudges.

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