Meghan Markle Caught in Private Paparazzi Moment, Leaning on Sussex Car to Capture Photos of Prince Harry

In a rare moment, Meghan Markle was captured in what appears to be a private paparazzi incident, leaning on the Sussex's car to take photos of Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex made a public appearance in Santa Barbara just a day before official announcements regarding Princess Katherine's successful abdominal surgery and King Charles' upcoming procedure for an enlarged prostate. Prince Harry was seen leaving a workout near his neighborhood in Monito, California, wearing black sportswear with sneakers and a familiar blue beanie, reminiscent of the one he wore in a featured photo in the 2019 end of year video on the Sussex Royal Instagram account he shared with. Meghan.

Interestingly, recent evidence suggests the couple staged a session with paparazzi in a parking lot, capturing Harry jogging. Two enlarged photos of the reflection on a white car reveal someone casually taking photos while leaning on the car, indicating a staged setup. Despite claims of tight security, Harry's bodyguards reportedly stood right next to the photographer, without intervening.

The incident sparked discussions about Prince Harry's quest for attention and alleged jealousy and animosity towards his own brother. The couple's security measures are called into question, with suggestions that they may have more to do with a desire to feel important than any real security concerns. The story also addresses the report from Megan's PR agency that the couple appointed Megan's mother, Doria Ragland, as their in-house marriage counselor. The couple supposedly turn to Doria for advice and support, with Harry jokingly referring to her as their internal guru.

Doria has reportedly moved into the Sussexes' guesthouse on their California property, highlighting her unique position as one of the few extended family members remaining in their lives. The estrangement of Megan's father, Thomas Markle, and her siblings, coupled with strained relations with the royal family after leaving office in 2020, adds complexity to the couple's family dynamics.


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