Meghan Markle Blocked from Red Carpet at The Color Purple Premiere by Oprah and Tyler: Who Cares?

Oprah Winfrey walked the red carpet at the Beverly Hills premiere of “The Color Purple” reboot Wednesday night. Oprah, who played the title role in the original film adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance at the 1986 ceremony. The remake, directed by Blitz Bizu, features a talented cast including Danielle Brooks, Hiy Bailey Daaji, P. Hansen and Fantasia Burino. This premiere, a landmark event in Hollywood, attracted many celebrities, including Tyler Perry. However, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were noticeably absent, sparking speculation of a possible deliberate snub.

There have been suggestions that perhaps someone should check the parking lot, as Meghan might be walking up and down hoping to attract the attention of the paparazzi. Oprah, however, is no stranger to the spotlight and is not naive; she probably wants to avoid any toxic drama associated with the Sussexes stealing the show at her event. She knows the tabloids would flood headlines with stories about Meghan and her smiles on the red carpet, which could overshadow the premiere itself. This scenario would be reminiscent of Gloria Dyam’s experience earlier this year, when she and other winners as well as her awards ceremony itself were overshadowed by the Duchess of Sussex and the dramatic incident of the car chase.

The question arises: Does Meghan actually know about the film “The Color Purple,” which focuses on the struggles of African-American women? Accusations of discrimination made by someone who appears to have identity issues do not present a favorable image, especially when considering Meghan’s own experiences with discrimination. Additionally, Tyler Perry, known for working with many talents, never cast Meghan or involved her as a producer in any of his projects. Oprah has also remained publicly silent about Archie’s Netflix special or the “Endgame” book.

Amid these developments, rumors are circulating that WME (William Morris Endeavor) may be considering dropping Meghan due to her controversial image, especially after the release of “Endgame.” Some believe Hollywood figures like Steven Spielberg are distancing themselves from the couple to avoid damaging their relationships with other royals, like Prince William and Princess Catherine.

Earlier this year, Oprah excluded Harry and Meghan from a star-studded birthday party, and Cara Kennedy, in her comment on their absence, suggests this means a change in the Sussexes’ fortunes. She claims the swap of royal duties for celebrity status was not as successful as the couple hoped. Kennedy highlights Harry’s revelations during an interview with Oprah in March 2021, where they discussed concerns raised by a member of the royal family regarding the skin color of their son, Archie. Although this revelation raises questions about racism within the royal family, Harry clarified in an interview with Tom Bradby that he has not accused his family of racism.

Kennedy says the conflicting interviews reflect the Sussexes’ campaign against the British monarchy, accusing them of using Oprah as a pawn. In California, where Harry and Meghan now reside, the release of Scobby’s new book, “Endgame”, has reportedly led to a decline in the couple’s popularity. Royal expert Kinsey Scoffield says local Montecito bookstores show little interest in stocking the book. She suggests that residents disapprove of the way Harry and Meghan have treated their family members, leading to a loss of interest and respect for the Sussexes.


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